Tuesday, July 2, 2019

My little ditty

If anyone says its awesome working for yourself they are correct! But with it
comes hours and hours of very hard work. I create my reg silly character sculpts which
I've done for over 23 years, plus ceramic art because that's fun too, graphic work on the side and I'm
giving it a whirl for some mid modern century art. Whew. All in a 50+ hour week. 

For an artist to keep their passion in full swing it requires the support of you. This economy
is not good for those of us who barely get by. This economy has become a great place for the
very wealthy. Artist's make sacrifices in order to feed their love of art and to keep
your world a happier place. Art makes you smile, art fills our hearts.

Thanks for all the years of support

Super adorable Party monster boy! You can find his here... https://pumpkinseedsfolkart.com/

Magnets! https://pumpkinseedsfolkart.com/