Thursday, May 24, 2007

May 24th 2007

This is the last week for about a month you will be seeing any new art on my site. I tried real hard to add as much inventory as I could prior. Its that time of year when I prepare for my "other" art job. I did paint one Halloween painting today. Its a 6x6 gallery wrap style. Painting took me over 5 hours. Lets see, 5 hours into 40.00. Guess that's over minimum wage.... ha! Oh how that passions burns. If you folks get a chance do stop by ebay Pumpkinseedsoriginals and my site to see the latest. Orders have been coming in more often now so folks are starting to get the Fall bug (I know, but this happens every year.) Hopefully, by the end of next month I will have a few new papier mache HALLOWEEN treats to share.

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sadie pink said...

So glad to see you have a blog now Janell. LOVE your work.

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