Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Raven hair and Ruby lips painting

Just finished this and it can be found
on my website at click
on the painting page. As with all art work its much more vibrant and detailed in person.


~dani~ said...

I am really loving this Raven Hair clever and lovely~

janell berryman artist-owner said...

Thanks Dani. I should do an aceo with this look. Running out of idea's~!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

You----running out of ideas----no way!! Great painting!!!!

Kristen Beason Designs said...

Hey Janell!
Just dropping by to say hello. I'm debating about putting up my Halloween decorations this month and can't wait to put out your goodies! Some of the local stores are starting to put out their Halloween merchandise, so why not start decorating??? Love your new piece!

Have a great weekend,