Friday, May 15, 2009

Crack that W.I.P.

I am working and working and not getting anywhere... ever feel that way? These are the ones I started days ago. Usually, by now, I am done. Interruptions..., netflix, facebook. And this............... SEE, I am extremely unfocused this week. Someone kick me from the rear!


Sonia ;) said...

KICK ~~~~~~~~}}}(shoe print size 8.5)

Sonia ;)

snippetgirl said...

This week has been the exact same way for me too!! But it looks like you have gotten a lot done!! The new artwork looks amazing!
Have a good weekend and best wishes for a productive upcoming week :).

Chicken Lips said...

It's the quality, not the quantity that counts! And I see some darn good quality pieces in here! Have a great weekend!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

It really doesn't look like you need a kick LOL!!! Love that guy on the right!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

No kicking coming from me!! If I had that much done in a week I would be doing cart wheels!

FishStikks said...

I'm feeling a tad unfocused lately myself so no help here.

Looks like some fantastic pieces you've got started there though.

Johanna Parker said...

Totally!.... I've had the SAME week...... completely unfocused..... Ughhhhh...... the web has distracted me for days......uh oh - you too! And here I am, still at the 'puter....... aCK!

~ Johanna

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