Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Closed shop

If you bookmarked my Etsy shop, you can UNbookmark my shop because I have closed the doors. Virtually no traffic and extremely slow sales. Not really sure how much marketing Etsy does but it surely was not working any longer. Take it, this economy is not helping a bit. So onward ho! chugga chugga choooo chooooooo.
So to take its place is a new venture! Check out this:
I worked on a few photo's of my favorite characters this year creating some unique holiday folk art greeting cards and note cards! Do note, if there is an item offered by CafePress that you would like to see my art on, please let me know. I can add any of my images to their mugs, tee's or whatever other goodies they have to offer.
So visit :)

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