Thursday, December 13, 2012

Inspiration vs copying art

It has come to my attention...again that some folks, two to be exact, can't seem to find their own idea's to sculpt.  I am totally ok with inspiration.  I find it myself where ever I go and somehow maybe without even knowing it its incorporated into my art.  For example, two weeks ago I received this utterly amazing "cheesy" grin from someone I adore.  The next day... A Santa with my version of that same "cheesy" grin appeared out of clay.  That is art.  That is being inspired.  Copying someone's hard thought out designs is just plain rude.  Its stealing.  Would you come to my home, open my door and take what you think is yours?  I would hope not.  So please, after one year of these shenanigans... stop.  Find your own way.  Sit and draw out your art before you sculpt.  Like I do.  Get off the internet and work. You might be amazed at how creative you really can be :)



Alisa Steady said...

Oh, Janell! It's so heart wrenching and frustrating when artwork is copied! It's one of my biggest pet peeves and am an advocate for artists to protect themselves when these things happen (I've ranted about it enough on my own blog). Hang in there. Cheaters aren't really 'artists'. They're...well, cheaters who can paint, I guess? Wouldn't they be surprised and grow tremendously if they actually created from their own imagination? All the best! xoxo

Janell Berryman artist-owner said...

Its ok if done a few times. We all are inspired by others. But after a year, I'm calling them on it. I know they will see this. So hopefully this works. Thanks for supporting my thoughts on this Alisa! I appreciate the time you took to respond :)

Lisa J. Ammerman said...

I'm so sorry to hear someone is copying your fantastic work. It's very frustrating as an artist. A real artist puts their heart and soul into creating something special....and it shows. I honestly don't know how someone can live with themselves when they copy other's work. You are right, it absolutely is stealing! I hope you've put an end to it. Good for you for calling them on it! ALL NEW ART