Monday, December 29, 2014

sweet sentiments for Valentines day...

Feeling so ready for 2015!  I just cleaned up my work table and space.  Also wondering how long THAT tidiness will last! But with a fresh table comes fresh paper and a newly sharpened pencil.  Let the sketching begin.

Next on the holiday calendar is Valentines day.  And as usual, its a holiday I've always hated.  Oh wait, I just told a lie. As a child it was pretty awesome.  Oh wait, another lie.  Disappointment again.  I always had that feeling Charlie Brown experienced when he had received only a bag of rocks. Me? I never did that ONE Valentine I had hoped for from the boy down the lane.  Even at 8 I was let down.  So is there ever hope in the endless pursuit of love happiness?  

So in honor of Valentines day because it just sucks...  I'm conjuring up some love bugs.  Maybe a better name, love stink bugs. Ya, that it!  Love Stink Bugs.  

Come back again in a day or two and see what sweet evil characters come from my endless years of heartbreak.  


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