Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New sculpture now available!

With all this cold, and I mean COLD weather going on around here in Oregon, it was a good time to finish this new Spring Bunny. We woke up to 11 degree's. And more snow and cold and freezing rain on the way. If this moves East... beware folks! No joke. Since I am a California born and raised girl this is still hard for me to get used too. We have been here in Oregon for almost 5 years now and this was by far the coldest we have experienced. So time to stoke that fire and get that roast out of the oven. Its smelling awfully delicious!!


Jackie said...

What a thought...spring! I wish it would bounce in soon :) Have a wonderful holiday and stay warm near the fire!! Jackie

Designs by CK said...

Janell ~ Wishing you & yours a very happy holidays. (-:



~dani~ said...

Oh J, what a sweet spring goodie!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute!

Lance said...

very nice, i've been anxious to get my spring jets running. now i'm even more inspired!

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