Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Because of my situation, please use Janell.Berryman@gmail.com for now. I cant figure out how to set up my regular email program with this laptop (computer is in another room). So if you have questions or just want to chat please use the above email.
Thanks again for all your support. And thanks Dani for cheering me up with your phone call. I really needed that :) xoox


Annie said...

Janell I am so sorry to hear about you breaking your leg!! I hope you heal fast and are back up and about!! I will be glad to walk you thru setting up your email on your laptop if you need it..Its easy to do..Just let me know..its no fun to be without email!!
Get well soon...Annie

~dani~ said...

Awww...you are are the best. Mucho Grande Love & Hugs to my sweet friend.

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Hi Janell,
I've not been on the blog and just now saw your post.....so sorry to hear about your leg!!!!! How long will you be in the cast?

I just need to get past this week and get back to some kind of normal.

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