Thursday, January 15, 2009

Roxy pic and update my etsy shop

Oh the leisure life of a dog. Roxy just looked so sweet napping I had to share. This sweet girl never leaves my side. Such a good good friend.

Just posted a few things in my bleak etsy shop. They are little wood block collage style paintings. Very cool. Two Halloween and one Little Prince.


~dani~ said...

Dogs are the best!!! Roxy is such a sweetie, hope she is being good to her momma while momma has a "Bum Wheel"! New pieces are always. I have missed your paintings a bit! Although I was thinking that maybe I need a Willy sculpture!!! What do you think? I so love my Willy pieces!!!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Your "constant companion" ...out pets just love when we can just have that snuggle time. Hope every day you are feeling better!

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

I love your little Halloween guy...very cute!

I hope you are feeling better:)
Have a nice weekend!!

Carolee said...

Awwwwwww.....Roxy is so sweet! LOVE all the new work, too! Glad you're feeling better. :)

~ Carolee ALL NEW ART