Sunday, March 22, 2009

New sculptures

All six completed and this time they are available in my etsy shop. I listed all of these pieces at a lower price than I normally do. This economy is taking a toll on art. DO take advantage of these paer clay - papier mache originals at this price. Nothing over 100.00. My prices have not changed in over 7-8 years. A few of these are 65.00. Check out my shop! Thank you~~~


Rebecca said...

Hi Janell! I just discovered your creations through some sidebar hopping & I have to say they're incredible. I love the design of your blog too! I'm gonna be adding you to my list of stellar artisans. Cause I think your work sure qualifies! Your paintings below just knocked my socks off. Glad to have found you!


Phillane E'lee said...

Oh how cute are those. The bad eggs made me giggle as well. Too too funny. Love the humor in your work.
Have a wonderful week.

Lance said...

Wow those are great! Too bad we just spent way too much on the honeymoon. I'd grab up a couple if we hadn't!

Lance said...

Btw, I just saw the whale in your etsy shop. AMAZING!

ifurniture said...

Definitly 10/10, excellent.

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