Sunday, November 22, 2009

Crazy winds

I said weeks back that from time to time I would post comments about my experience of living on the beach. Well, last night gives me a reason to post... no, not a bear action this time. WIND! BIG winds. Winds like I've never seen or heard. Around midnight I woke up to the house howling. I took a peek outside and watched as the winds and rain raced from left to right in a horizontal fashion, like a speeding train. Gusts that I swear would tear off the roof and take out the windows. I closed the blinds and went back to bed covering my head. Two hours went by then it subsided. But that was only enough for me to get back to sleep. I again woke up to a loud strange noise coming from the front deck. The winds where so strong that it took a garden bench that probably weights some where around 80lbs and turned it completely around and 10 feet from its original position. I feared it would fly away so I went out and moved it closer to the house. Those winds where STRONG! I was thinking about how those news people go out in gale force winds to report. All I needed was a microphone! The winds where crazy warm too. At 4 am that was a refreshing way to wake up. BIG TIME! Gotta love the Oregon coast line :)


Pattee said...

Janell that is how it was up here in Bellingham, Wa. Horrendous winds... knocked a couple of our trees over... and flooding ~ I'm so over wind ~

Janell Berryman artist-owner said...

Ya, Pattee, I am starting to understand why all these houses on the coast are "vacation" homes. Because the weather too nutty in the winter! Run for the hills!

Jan said...

And then your wind winds up here in Colorado! It's been windy all summer here and I wondered where it was coming from. Thanks for the weather report! ALL NEW ART