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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Seems I have been told that because of my quietness I am unapproachable. Sad. Yes, this is random in the midst of this new chaotic adventure I am starting but perhaps its time to tell a bit about myself in hopes to color my picture a bit brighter so you can understand that my quietness is... who I am.... on the internet.

Me on the internet: Worker, hard worker, dedicated, honest, true. What I am not on the internet: Social due to work, flashy, loud, entertaining, programmable, leader.
In life and in person: Dedicated, friendly, honest, animated, loud, creative and once you have entered my heart, you are apart of my inner soul.

Its a hard place this internet stuff. You only see what I type, what I create. Nothing more. I do not post photo's of my family, friends. Its not because I am cold or self absorbed or anything else you might think could be true. That is so not me. Its because I keep those things that are special close to me and it does not make my bond any stronger with my family, friends or even work by doing so.

I can only be comfortable being who I am and nothing more. If I fall short of what you want to see, I am sorry. Know that, I am me. Just me. Simple me.


Skelly Addict said...

And because of this we all love you for it Janell! And for your incredible freakin' awesome talent!!! ;o)

~dani~ said...

Right on Ali! We have been lucky enough to know the super sweet Janell and how genuine she is. I without a doubt know my life is better with Janell in it.
Online text is soo hard to know the intent and emotion behind it. I say just assume the best until given a reason to feel otherwise. The flip side is I have loved the "online persona of an artist" and found them in person to be less than desirable. But in this case Janell IS all that and a bag of chips ;)

Pixie said...

Why would you be anything more than who you really are? There is no sin in being yourself. In a world full of fakery and falseness, honesty and sincerity are a breath of fresh air!

Yalco (Chris) said...

Don't apologize for keeping some things to yourself. Your art speaks for itself. Those who feel you need to reveal more are either stepping out of bounds or are using this resource as a substitute for actual contact.

Your artwork is incredible and very inspiring! You give those of us just starting out something to aspire to.

Keep up the great work!
Sincerely ~ Yalco

Jan said...

I follow your blog to see your art...not delve into your personal life. So stick what you are doing (and doing it well) and know that we don't have to know your shoe size or what you're wearing. Make art to make us smile!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Oh goodness girl, I have always thought of you as a sweet lady with talent galore and easily approachable. Your blog is about your art and that is what I come to see and read. This new venture is going to be wonderful for you and maybe there is some envy out in the world on the part of others. Hang tough lady!! (((((HUG)))))

Ginny Diezel said...

Well, here I go.......I don't know the circumstances which elicited this posting from you. All I can say is that none of us needs to cater to those who seek to go beyond the boundaries of our work. If you wish to separate your artwork from your personal life, then bravo! It is, after all, YOUR life! This world is in your face with communication, which personally makes me shrink and retreat. I don't need to let everyone know I am folding underwear or that my dog has a skin condition - come to think of it, the dog's life is more exciting! Anyway, the point is this: with everyone clamoring for personal information, it makes me want to harken back to my childhood
when (gasp!) I managed with no cell phone, no computer, and no one prying into my life. Somehow, I made it to adulthood! What we choose to let others know is our own business. No one else should set parameters for our lives.
You can stand very tall, Janell. I think the person who hurt you must be quite small!

LucysDaughter said...

I get you! and LuvLuvLuv your art. Be you!
xoxo Lolo
LucysDaughter.com (under construction)
Lori ann Merrill

Jackie said...

Be you and remember that in this world, that is who looks back at you in the mirror. I have learned that you must be comfortable in your own skin. I love popping in to see your creativity and hope one day I can buy an original. Your super talented and keep doing whatcha love!! Peace :)

indgiotwin said...

Oh....that post mad me feel sad! I love reading about your creative life and you give me inspiration! I aspire to live each day like you do...making a living from your great craft....

Janell Berryman artist-owner said...

Refreshing, heart warming, positive, supportive. The way it should be. XOXO to you!

KatHreN said...

wow have I heard that a few times in my lifetime.....people automatically think I am a snob and unapproachable because I am so quiet and I am a introvert. I also try to keep my blog "art" only. I believe you are who you are and people will think what they want. Thanks for sharing.

~Tonya said...

Beautifully written Janell! And to all of the others that commented. It is so hard to feel the emotions, behind words on a computer anyways.

If we want to share, we do. If we don't want to share, there should be no explanation to anyone. We only have to answer to ourselves.