Monday, February 15, 2010

please read

Below is a copy of an email that I received this past weekend. Kenn is a dear friend of mine who's son has cancer. His son's name is Sam. Sam is battling Ewing's sarcoma. Please read and if you have any information to share in regard to this cancer type please email Kenn at the address below. Thank you~ Janell

I am sending this to everyone that I know.
Sam my son has cancer. Specifically, Ewing's sarcoma.
It started with a tumor on his hip and has metastasized (spred) to the lungs.
He is being treated at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford.
Two different chemo protocols have been tried and not worked.
Stanford is at a loss for a cure.
I am searching for anyone that may have an answer.
Do you know of anyone with this type of cancer that has been treated?
Do you know anyone in volved in the field that may have some insight?
Do you know anyone that may be able to help Sam?
Please contact me with any information at
or 408-202-5800.
Please forward this to everyone you know because Sam does not want to give up!
...hope and faith are all we have.
Kenn Callahan

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Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Can we post this on our blogs to broaden the number of people that might see this? I didn't want to assume it was okay to do so without asking. I will gladly do so if you think it might help.