Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I feel like standing on a roof top yelling YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! For weeks (and I mean WEEKS) my website program Frontpage has been locking up. I researched fix it idea's and no matter what I did, nothing worked. It was just a matter of time before it crashed. Out of sheer frustration today I found this button in the program named "remove old files"... sounded good to me! But wait, should I research what they means EXACTLY? Or do I do what Janell does best and be impatient? Click. With a single click of my mouse I lost everything. Out into space it went. Never to be reclaimed again (at least without me paying some unacceptable amount of money to retrieve it). Not only did it delete old files but old files as in ones I have not touched in... oh say, 3 weeks? Seriously... if being "old" is being 3 weeks plus, what am I? Petrified???
So I sat down and did what I should have done to begin with. Start fresh. I was able to copy and paste most of my site from the internet (shhhh, dont tell the owner (me) that I did that...). I gave it a new look that is fresh and pretty. I also added some new pages and got rid of one or two. Easier? If its not, dont tell me. No, you can tell me. No, really dont... so click here to see www.pumpkin-seeds.com

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Robin Armstrong Seeber said...

oh here you are! so yes you do.. well care to exchange? cute blog! robin

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