Monday, April 11, 2011

The Oregon coast from above :) There is this amazing pilot that I know who thinks I am pretty darn special enough to take with him to see the earth from above. Seeing the coast line from this angle was one of the most exciting days I have experienced. Like so many of you, I truly do adore the sea. If you have been with me reading my posts over the past few years you know how special this must have been for me. Oregon is all its beautiful glory. What a grand day it was xo


just me said...

my favorite place on earth! just went to seaside last month and even though it was freezing and rainy we still enjoyed the smell and sound! of course the tsnuami exacution wasn't so great but we came back! Maybe when my kids are grown I can convince my husband to relocate to the ocean. What a wonderful way for you to spend the day.

Janell Berryman artist-owner said...

Seaside is a kick! We traveled from Manzanita beach up to Astoria with a stop in Seaside. Sorry you ran into a tsunami warning. The ocean is a very special place and once its in your heart it will never leave. Sounds like you have the bug as well as I :)