Thursday, January 15, 2015

Shop up and running!

And while I was patiently waiting for Etsy to get there act together I sculpted these.  All are Valentines pieces and the one piece with the bunny riding the blue bird, that can pass as an easter piece as well!  Double the fun!

So an update on my Etsy shop.  The "suspension" had nothing to do with me forgetting to update my CC on file.  Actually, after two miserable days I figured out that they THOUGHT I was selling my retired reproduction line from Enesco and Dept56.  They didn't read any of my listings.  They just assumed.  POOF... just like that my livelihood taken away.  It isn't right.  Not right at all.  I'm following up and a letter to them explaining how they might do things in a more professional manner.  Till then, enjoy the ONE of a KIND art I offer ; ) 


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