Tuesday, January 13, 2015


No, I have not closed my shop.  If you visit you can see its "suspended".  Etsy does have a customer service number BUT it just says thanks for calling, we can't answer.  Frustrating!

About two weeks ago I had a gas station attendant take my debt card and place it directly onto his brand new iphone 6.  I was given a heads up with problems just as I experienced prior to getting gas at one of the stations in Astoria.  Its why my radar was on.  Seems thieves steal card info at gas stations all the time.  So of course, I had to cancel card.  I didn't think to update my Etsy shop with the new info.  And business's usually notify you if a card is not active.  But NOT Etsy!  They just close people's shops with NO notification.... how do I know this?  Read online reviews.  I state facts.  I state my personal experience and now I sit here typing my story and wasting time doing so.

Shop closed equals loss of money.

Thanks Etsy. 

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