Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fav tools

Lance of Crescent Hill Designs tagged me for a "show your fav tool" posting. Out of all my favorites that I have I would have to say my hands... only because I don't loose them. Second choice are my pink wire cutters because not only do they do multiple things but its been with me for a very long time. Third fav is the wet palette that I received from a fellow artist Leah Stone Art. Leah was so sweet and bought this because she loved hers so much. I must say, my life is so much better because of this "tool" (is it?). Lastly, just a quick shot of my pathetic mess. An assortment of this tool and that tool. Later I will post 3 artist friends and ask for their "fav" tool pics :)

Updates: Poison oak nearly gone. Ya! Thanks for all the advise xoxox
We visited my daughter Kate up in Washington a few days ago. She is doing great! 3 more weeks to go... then she comes home. I will be so relieved and happy to have her back. I am counting the days.
And finally, please stop by SPOOKYTIMEJINGLES.COM for the newest release of one of a kind Halloween and Christmas pieces. The 13th of every month offers new art work. I posted one folk art Santa and two Halloween wood block paintings. Go check them out!!


Laurie Hardin said...

I covet your pink handled pliers! I've looked at the wet palettes and never purchased but it sounds like you would recommend having one.

~dani~ said...

Always fun to see other artists tools of the trade!! Fun..I am off to take my pics too.

Leah Stone Art said...

Ohhhh Janell... I am so glad you like your wet palette that much.:) I really like mine too. I have saved so much paint! I really like my wire cutters too! Glad to hear your poison oak is taking a hike!I am sure Kate is going to be happy to get home.:) I'm going to check out SPOOKYTIMEJINGLES.COM !

Laurie, try a wet palette you won't be sorry. :)

Leah Stone Art said...

Ohhh.. Janell I am so glad you like your wet palette that much. I like mine too. I like my wire cutters also. Mine are purple.Glad to hear that your poision oak is going away. :) Kate is going to be so glas to come home. That's a long time to be away.

Laurie, wet palettes are really nice because they save paint, and if you mix a color and you have to leave your work area you can cover it and it will stay wet and be ready to use when you return.:)


Designs by CK said...

Popping in to say hi & wish you a great weekend!

Chris :)

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Thanks for sharing a peek into your studio.....wet palette ? I'll have to check that out.

sheila said...

I've never heard of a wet palette....what am I missing out on?
Glad your poison oak is almost gone!

Kristen Beason Designs said...

Wet palettes RULE! My MIL turned me on to them many moons ago. Hey, have you ever been to Brookings? My mom, dad, and son Cameron all raved about it when they were in Oregon. I'm going to have to check it out the next time I'm in Grants Pass. The Oregon is so beautiful.