Monday, January 25, 2010

Original Santa plus Celebrate 365 signed magazine

Just remembered: See the Santa on the Celebrate 365 logo? Ya, the guy in red. He's mine. And available! And original! I also have a signed copy of this magazine that will go hand in hand with the sale of Sweet St. Nick. Inside the magazine are some nice articles and photo's of glass ornaments, Christopher Radko's anniversary ornaments, fabulous photo's of artist-friends works all of which are too many to name plus tips and advise for collectors. You will receive Sweet St. Nick (approx 7 inches) (give or take, he's at my house in Eugene at the moment) plus a signed copy of this magazine (front cover signing). 300.00. (other artists have sold sets like these for over 1,000) That my friend is a amazing! One of a kind BIG TIME :) ps there is also a photo of a Snowman of mine on the inside center page. Although he has been sold I did sign above his pic as well.


Lance said...

Where's the spare change when you need it!? This is the deal of a lifetime. Congrats to whoever picks this up!

Hope you're doing well Janell!

Chicken Lips said...

That is a DEAL! And that Santa of yours is one of my all time favorites! ALL NEW ART