Monday, January 18, 2010

I had such a great visit with my friend and buddy (yes, two different things) Dani. She has returned home and I am sure recouping from her visit. That 3 hour difference will get you! Today and tomorrow I will prepare for my trip to Minneapolis. I meet up with Dept 56 and get some plan together for product idea's for 2011. Boy I hate flying. Love it as much as I do celery. And if you know me, even typing that horrific "c" word sends shivers down my spine.
When I returned I will get that one Valentine Skelly finished up and ready for sale. He's a cutie that I sculpted while having fun with Dani. We had so much to do during her visit that I never got a chance to finish him up. So watch for him next week. Bye all~~~~~~~


Skelly Addict said...

Safe trip Janell!

Chicken Lips said...

Have a wonderful trip!

~Tonya said...

They make you fly all the way here, in MN. Have safe travels. The weather here is so COLD and lately raining, turning into ice. Dress warm.