Monday, January 18, 2010

I had such a great visit with my friend and buddy (yes, two different things) Dani. She has returned home and I am sure recouping from her visit. That 3 hour difference will get you! Today and tomorrow I will prepare for my trip to Minneapolis. I meet up with Dept 56 and get some plan together for product idea's for 2011. Boy I hate flying. Love it as much as I do celery. And if you know me, even typing that horrific "c" word sends shivers down my spine.
When I returned I will get that one Valentine Skelly finished up and ready for sale. He's a cutie that I sculpted while having fun with Dani. We had so much to do during her visit that I never got a chance to finish him up. So watch for him next week. Bye all~~~~~~~


Skelly Addict said...

Safe trip Janell!

Chicken Lips said...

Have a wonderful trip!

~Tonya said...

They make you fly all the way here, in MN. Have safe travels. The weather here is so COLD and lately raining, turning into ice. Dress warm.


New pups!!! folk art style Halloween bat dog and a streampunk style Dog