Thursday, September 25, 2008

Getting the Halloween decorating in order

Just a small corner of my house that is done. You can see a few delightful Halloween folk art pieces from fellow artists amongst the group. All are favorites. All I adore. Our walls (what you see is through out the entire house) make it impossible to decorate. And with Roxy thinking that everything on the ground is hers I feel so limited. Hopefully this weekend we can do the front yard. This really gets me in the Halloween spirit! Oh and Dani kicked me in the pants to get this done. Visit for more pictures of artists decorations VERY soon!

I also updated my painting page on my website with this, 2006 addition.


~dani~ said...

Me...kick you in the pants? Hmmm? Never...just a slight nudge perhaps~
You totally made my night..I sooo love seeing everyone's goodies. Thanx~

janell berryman artist-owner said...

It was the kick I needed Dani. Decorating was on my "to do next" list all week. Glad you helped me along. I have more goodies but I am not quite ready to put those together yet. Soon. Perhaps another kick in the pants??????? ;)

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Janell, what a great corner in your house! I would leave that up all year round! LOL Yes, I did enjoy the Frouds. However, I did feel that it was very expensive, but I learned some great techniques. I would love to take Toby's class on the puppets too! You would be awesome with that and turn your little guys into puppets. Have you checked out Scott Radke (spelling?)? Happy creating and you should post more pictures of your awesome displays in your house. I would love to see them! Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Janell----I love all you goodies----that flying oooh so scary looking skelly is my FAV!!!!
I thank Dani for that "kick"!!!! :)

Kristen Beason Designs said...

Lookin' good! Halloween displays are the best!

Enjoy your weekend and hope your furry baby is much better.