Monday, September 22, 2008

If you keep up with my silly blog you will know this is Roxy. World's best dog! Well, to me she sure is :) Anyway, two days ago she stopped eating and has been vomiting nothing. I brought her into the vets and she seems to have some type of inflammation in her intestines. They took blood so tomorrow we will know for sure. She is doing ok but very sad and not herself.
As miserable as she must feel I just about died when I got the bill. With the xray, blood work, pills, ear cleaning, emergency exam... grand total 532.00. YIKES! For all the admiration I give to her wonderful vet I still am in "exam" denial. So very costly. Being lucky that all of our animals have been so healthy perhaps I have forgotten how much these things cost. Sigh. This was a friendly reminder.
So saying that, tomorrow I must work my butt off and get some things made. In the works will be a few Halloween ornaments and (crossing my fingers) a couple of Halloween paintings. I always post the latest works here so check back again if you are interested.
So back to snuggling up with my Roxy girl. Vet says to cook her some rice. I think a bowl for her and one for me is perfect :) Lets hope she keeps it down.


Anonymous said...

Aww, poor Roxy...Poor Janell!!
May you both be better soon!! :-)

Marie Patterson Studio said...

OOOH! I do hope and pray that your little Roxy will be fine. The rice does seem to help with intestinal troubles and also yogurt. My daughter has a kitty with tummy troubles and it works!
I feel your shock at the vet bill! A couple of years ago we lost our beloved cat, Bristles, to cancer and I don't even want to say what those bills totaled.
Snuggle up with Roxy and I'm sending her my "feel better" thoughts and scratches!

Spooky CK said...

AW HOPE Roxy will be OK!!!

PS: I know, doggies are expensive!!! '-P)


Kim said...

I hope your sweet dog will be better! I know how much vet bills can be, but what are you gonna do?

~dani~ said...

Oh poor Roxy is not feeling so Foxy! Xoxo's 2 both of you. I do hope she is ok. Hopefully just "one of those" unexplainable things.

janell berryman artist-owner said...

Thanks everyone. Roxy's blood work came back and all is well. I guess its just a bug. She did eat a slice of bread today but still no dog food. And boy oh boy is she GASSY! I am dying here!!!!! Stinkola. But I guess that is good.... for her.

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Good news with the blood work! stinky little girl! :) Actually that's a good sign too....things are m-o-v-i-n-g!!

Kim said...

Iam so glad...I love dogs!

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