Thursday, April 16, 2009

Halloween and two spring

This is it for this week. Here is one Halloween white pumpkin man, a flower girl and Sweet bunny Bobo. All have been added to my website at

Also, do check out my ebay auctions I have listed. I just added a bunch of items including aceo's, three of the brand new paper clay dark art sculptures and a few misc crafting supplies. All art cards start at 4.99. The dark art start off at 24.99! If you wait till the last minute you can miss out. And for these prices why not start the bidding now? No, I am not begging. I am just wiping the dirt off my knees from gardening.... :P


Robert said...

I nabbed those letters from Urban Outfitters. Just right clicked and save each image, then combined them and made my collage using PICASA web editor!I am glad you like it! I will keep my eyes open for your give-away!

Doreen said...

Janell..these are wondeful..I especially love bunny bobo! So sweet!


Chicken Lips said...

Love that "flower child"... adorable!

Lance said...

love'm as usual. the flower kid is my fav!!

Victorian Lady said...

Hi Janelle! Cute, cute cute! :) I'm a friend of Dani's and found you through her. Imagine how happy I was to see you on my tivo'd episode of "That's Clever!" You did a GREAT job! :)

Have fun creating! :)


The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Hi Janell! I love the new pieces. I'm especially smitten with the little robots!!! My son loves them too.