Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Twisting my mind

Its now the end of the day and I sit here with a throbbing brain. No I am not sick with the swine flu. I worked on my website. It took all day just to do one silly graphic. After getting through some technical difficulties stemming from LACK of knowledge I am well on my way. Looks like this new site will be launched by the end of this week.... hopefully sooner. It will have a fresh new look with beauuuutiful graphics (pat'in me self on the back). I cant say there will be any new items but hopefully that will come next week. I also am going to "attempt" a mailing list. I have done this in the past and got overwhelmed from the whole thing. I think I have found a better system that will help me organize contacts and such. My long term goal would be to send out "occasional" updates and news postings. At the moment my blog is working that just fine.
I will post on here when my website is completed. I hope all whom visit me can take a peek and if there is something that does not work or looks whacked out, please let me know.
Its off to bed I go. Throb throb throb.


Lance said...

Can't wait, good luck with the twisted brain!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

can't wait to see what you've created with your new website....yes you do deserve a pat on the back, you little "tech girl" LOL!

magikalseasons said...

That's wonderful looking forward to see it! So many are tech savy I'm just learning.