Monday, April 13, 2009

message just in time

Talk about good timing... Lorrie from "our name is mud" (awesome mugs and gift ware goodies) send me a box with some wonderful gifts today. This one in particular I had to share. This 2009 has been probably the worse year so far to date. With barely a light at the end of the tunnel and opened the box to find this message staring back at me. Whew. I am, we are, going to be ok. The mug says so!! Take a deep breath in and start the day over. How wonderful to take sips of coffee and find this at the bottom. Really. So thank you Lorrie! And all who have not seen Lorries blog or mugs and such please take a peek. She is so creative and you will love reading her blog stories that will just crack you up :) xoxo

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Sonia ;) said...

How awesome of a mug....

Sonia ;)