Friday, October 16, 2009

Ocean, Kate, Roxy and me :)

I've arrived! This is amazing :) Last night I stood on the beach with my daughter and Roxy my dog. We watched the sunset which was bright orange and red mixed with big puffy storm clouds. Roxy was loving it! She wanted to take home a seashell. So cute! So my first night was great except that I woke up to find that a black bear had gotten into the trash that the owner left behind :( She warned me about the bears and last night I thought I heard something but decided not to check... duh. Seems the bear loved her "I cant believe its not butter" plastic container because he had ripped in right in half. I could see the teeth marks. Scary. I am not going to call whom ever it is that you can call because they will kill the bear. That is wrong. SO instead I will hope that the garbage man takes this away soon. Its too bad this place has no garage so I could stash away the trash till then. Maybe, I will try and get some pictures. Maybe. If you dont hear from me ever again you can only guess that my idea was a bad one. xoxo


allaboutcats said...

I wish you many good thoughts on your journey. I enjoy your artwork and love the few pieces we have.
I look forward to reading about your adventure.
It is a dream of mine to someday live in a geographically different place, even if it is only for a short time.

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Don't you be messing with those bears!
Take a pic, but only from INSIDE the house!
What a BEAUTIFUL location you have there!


~dani~ said...

Ok, easy does it miss Wild America. No butter lovin bears - ever! all sounds so dreamy. enjoy sweets~

Pattee said...

Janel ~you will be so fine... just be sure to leave the "trash" outside and nothing inside the bear might want to investigate... we have domesticated these bears ~ see humans ~ must have food... no they shouldn't be killed.

What beautiful pictures! I love the beach!

Diane MacNaughtan said...

How beautiful! Oh,my goodness,I'll bet oodles of visions, of creations are dancing in your head right about now. Is there a house next door?;)


ghosts galore! And some really really cute small mushrooms with orange shaded tops